Unit Chambers – From naming strategy to the fastest growing barristers chambers

The opportunity


The CEO of Unit Chambers came to us in the early days of the business with a vision to become the fastest growing family law specialists in the UK. Having identified an opportunity within the market to create a focused, more digitally-enabled barrister’s chambers, the founder approached us to help her define her opportunity and bring her vision to life.

The challenge


Their vision was to become the fastest growing family law specialists in the UK through creating a game-changing product and reimagining the ways in which chambers work. Utilising cutting edge technology to change the way family law practitioners work whilst at the same time delivering the best possible results for their clients, Unit Chambers were looking to switch up the existing market. They wanted to disrupt the status quo and so we created a brand that both articulated the vision of the business and represented the needs and wants of the next generation of barristers. However, we were careful not to create something so new and different that it was unrecognisable in the traditional, legal market.

The action


At Opportunus, once we have completed a discovery session with business leaders we do our own research on the market, the audience in question and the competitors that exist within said market. From this, we will be in a fantastic position to start developing the business’ brand identity which creates the crucial foundation from which the business can grow and evolve over time. From a naming strategy and logo creation to brand positioning, these key steps are essential for the business to remain relevant amongst its audience and within its market. To learn more about this process, give our Unit Chambers case study a read here.

We don’t stop there. To ensure that the business has a secure foundation moving forward, the brand needs to be woven into every element of the business’ DNA. From how the company communicates to clients to how they communicate internally with their team, a brand should always be at the forefront of these communications. Following the highly successful launch of the business in summer of 2020, Unit Chambers trusted us to continue the brand’s legacy, by working collaboratively together to manage all internal and external communications across social media, email and on their website.

The result


In the space of a year, we have supported Unit Chambers across these channels and achieved the following:

A followership increase of 460% across LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

  • – 250% increase in organic traffic to their website
  • – 630% increase in traffic to their website navigating from social media
  • – 520% increase in Twitter impressions, up to 78,000 impressions in one month
  • – 180% increase in email MailChimp click rate

Our Content Manager, Danni, credits the success of Unit’s first year in business to keeping the brand elements and foundation at the core of all communications across every touchpoint.

“Branding is so much more than a colouring in exercise, it’s the ability to creatively communicate the whole essence of a business in a number of varied and extensive ways across a multitude of channels.”

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