Maximising shareholder returns


Having established strong momentum through early life stages of the business, the leadership team felt there was more the business could achieve. They briefed us to help them identify and define this potential and build a platform that could enable the business to realise it.

Partnership since 2012
Location Cheshire, UK
Sector Insurance

We began with a strategic review of the business, engaging stakeholders from all functions to identify a number of opportunities that would build value in the business beyond financial performance. These included improving operational efficiencies and enhancing how the business engages it audience.

The first phase of building the platform was in defining a stronger brand positioning that enabled the business to establish a strong competitive advantage by taking ownership of a new category.

Brought to life through a differentiated and distinct verbal identity and narrative, we then evolved and strengthened the visual identity to embrace the opportunities and bring strategy to life.

We continue to support the business, working closely with the CEO to provide strategic consultancy, brand guardianship, and providing agile creative and design support across internal and external communications to improve how they engage their audience.

The business continues to enjoy significant success growing to become No.1 in a highly competitive market while also attracting accolades from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers.