A global outstanding achievement award

Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen is a world-renowned artist and had amassed a significant and varied portfolio throughout her career. Her vision was to bring together the various collections in to one anthology that articulated her artistic ethos and presented her life’s work. The challenge was to ensure we understood and articulated her personal brand and artistic ethos, ensuring this was reflected through the verbal and visual narrative of the book.

Partnership since 2012
Location Los Angeles, USA
Sector The Arts

“I am not sure a tiny paragraph can describe all awesomeness that happened. This book was a very exciting and life-changing project. It was conceived and executed on two continents over Skype. Opportunus by far excited exceeded all of my expectations. As a group they are a perfect combination of creative and professional. Every last detail was expertly handled. Their enthusiasm and commitment is unmatched. This book project has created a lifelong friendship and working relationship.”

Kelly Reemsten

Painter & Printer Maker

It was clear from the outset that this was much more than a design brief but a significant project that required consideration of Kelly’s individual proposition as an artist but also the unique perspectives of individual art forms and collections.

Our starting point was a period of familiarisation where we really got to know Kelly via regular video calls over a few months. During this time, we crafted an identity and visual style, creating a unique platform from which we could present not just her work but, moreover, her ethos. A key factor in the personal branding aspect of the project was creating a bespoke word mark, headline font and editorial structure.

We also played a pivotal role in the creation of the book’s written content. Through our relationship with Kelly, we had established an in-depth understanding of Kelly’s artistry which meant the written content became an interview between Kelly and our founder Chris. We devised the structure of the conversation to ensure we created an engaging and informative yet challenging narrative.

A critical aspect of the book’s production was the reproduction of the paintings; we managed this process from briefing the photographer in LA, to colour balancing all the images in the UK.

The final aspects of the project were the editorial checks, print production, binding and shipping. The book was launched in New York City and has since been internationally recognised by the Independent Publisher Book Awards winning Outstanding Book of the year.

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