Launching a global platform to inspire wellness


As a start-up business with a big vision, the leadership team engaged us to help them define their opportunity and build a platform that would enable them to communicate the benefit of their unique and innovative wellness technologies to a global and diverse audience.

Partnership since 2019
Location Melbourne, Australia
Sector Health & Wellbeing

“What sets Opportunus apart is the organisational consulting depth they bring to the table. The team does not just focus on Brand and Marketing, they seek to understand the industry and competitor dynamics together with the customer, commercial and broader organisational strategic objectives. Through the adoption of a growth mindset, they forge a sustainable and compelling path forward. The team became part of our team. They share our passion and have ownership over our project as if it was their own.”

Gabriella Franklin

Managing Director

Website Mock Up

Having been recommended to the business, they commissioned us over local suppliers due to the value of our global experience and perspective and integrated approach to business consultancy and activation.

With a broad range of customer segments our starting point was to define a verbal identity that communicated the shift in wellness prioritisation from a reactive approach to a proactive one. With the strategy in place, we crafted the visual identity to bring the strategy to life and communicate the unique proposition of natural wellness technologies effectively across both B2B and B2C audiences.

The icon that forms the visual identity is a representation of wellbeing and vitality, but moreover, the two component parts represent Neowell’s products and their client’s worlds, the section where two crossover represent the result; wellness in their world.

With the brand platform and marketing infrastructure in place, we continue to support the business in driving their global strategy and achieving their growth ambitions.