Creating a new perspective on value


StudioBrookeCanal is a premium architecture practice located in Como, Italy. Following a number of years of success and growth, the Founder’s felt the way the business presented itself was misrepresenting the quality, capability and value of their service and wanted to refresh their brand and website to fuel the next life stage of their business.

Partnership since 2021
Location Como, Italy
Sector Property

We began with a strategic analysis of the market, their customer demographic and a deep dive into their business. Through this process we identified an opportunity to communicate a wider meaning to their value.

Analysis of their audience also identified that positioning the brand, both verbally and visually, in similar ways to premium fashion and finance brands would align to their needs and aspirations.

‘Opening the door to more than just a home’ became an entry point to the brand that communicates much more than just an architectural intervention by communicating the lifestyle and financial investment that high quality architecture inspires.

The unique heritage of the two Founders, one being English and one being Italian also played an integral part in the brand narrative bringing ‘duality’ to the fore of the storytelling.

A key factor in designing the brand and website was to ensure their world class work was able to breath and became the leading factor in the visual identity while being presented in a sophisticated and inspiring way.

“We were blown away by the thinking the Opportunus team applied to our business. We had never considered what we do in the way they did and are so proud of and inspired by what our business has become through this process.”

Matthew Brooke