Reimagining value to fuel ambitious growth


Having been at the forefront of the construction industry in Australia for over 70 years, Cementaid was on a journey to broaden its reach in other territories around the world.

Partnership since 2020
Location Sydney, Australia
Sector Construction

As the family owned business expanded, it was experiencing dilution in how the brand was managed, with each territory communicating the core proposition differently.

The CEO realised that to build enduring value and maximise its opportunity, the business needed a way of ensuring consistency in the way it communicated that both fuelled growth and protected the business against competitors that were trying to copy its product.

Our analysis of the business and its market identified that there was significantly more recognition for its Caltite product than the brand itself. Our strategy was to therefore leverage this within communication, leading with Caltite and substantiating with Cementaid as the sign off.

We also identified that the complex product portfolio was confusing for potential customers to understand. With this insight, we created a simplified model that helped give more meaning to the products individually and collectively, enabling people to specify, build and buy a bespoke system much more easily.

In order to protect its IP, empower the sales team to communicate value and ensure consistency across the world we created a simple message platform that encapsulated its value and repositioned the competition: Build it once. This platform influenced the brand design and gave structure to all communications, from sales presentations and marketing campaigns to product specifications and account management.

With the brand platform in place, the business successfully accelerated its global expansion, growing in existing locations while also opening up new territories through multi-million dollar project wins in the Middle East and Europe.